Учете музика

Изучаването на нотното писмо (солфеж и др. п.), свиренето на даден инструмент развива абстрактното мислене на децата ни!


Използвайте мобилните приложения на Android/iPad за начална музикална грамотност на нашите деца.

Ето и един пример:

Аз се уча да свиря на пиано…

Ето и някои от препоръчваните приложения:


  • Xpiano 

    This Android app is loaded with excellent features, including 12 additional sound effects and 2 sample songs to learn the basics of piano notes. The sound effects range from “telephone bell“ to “bird tweet“ sounds. These are meant for fun, which I think will be of little interest to users who are looking for some good Android piano apps.

    The default piano instrument has 4 octaves but the sound output depends on your phone’s hardware. You can record your own piano samples and your voice using its integrated recorder and sampler. The piano app is free and is not ad-supported. Sadly, you won’t find any additional updates for this free app as the developer has reserved this for the paid version. Nonetheless, xPiano is a good app for beginners and music enthusiasts.

    Download xPiano Free

    My Piano

    My Piano Android Piano Application

    This is one of the best and the most comprehensive Android piano software programs for your device. The one impressive feature is the studio quality sound, which most users are desperately looking for while searching for any piano app for their phone. The app supports multi-touch, thus ensuring smooth play and has 2 octaves. You can also record and save your samples or import other piano samples.

    My Piano also has an integrated recorder that allows users to record their own voice using other instruments in the app. Other features include MIDI over Wi-Fi, MIDI volume control, note after touch and velocity. All features will be cherished by both beginners and advanced users.

    My Piano Assistant

    My Piano Assistant - One of the Best Android Piano Apps at the Android Market 

    While there are many Android piano apps, an interactive piano reference book is what most piano enthusiasts would like to install on their device. This application gives you information about piano chords and scales. For the selected root, this free piano reference app provides the right notes and shows their position on the virtual piano keyboard. What’s more, it also allows users to play the selected piano chord.

    Compared to other Android piano reference software programs, My Piano Assistant makes learning simple. This useful app is perfect for beginners who want to learn the basics of piano notes, scales and chords. Users will find great help to write their own songs. The piano app is updated regularly, which is an excellent feature as it allows users to learn more about notes, chords and scales.

    Download My Piano Assistant from the Android Market


  • Little Piano

    Little Piano Android Application There are many basic Android piano applications for kids, each with excellent features. Little Piano is one of them. With 13 keys and one octave, this fun little app is suitable for kids who just want to run their fingers over keys and get to know simple notes and chords.

    The piano app supports multi-touch and has an excellent sound output. Kids can also learn simple melodies on nursery rhymes with the nifty “Follow me“ interactive guide. The app is constantly updated with new melodies. If you are looking for a nice piano app for your kids, then My Little Piano is a great app to learn basic piano notes.

    Download Little Piano

  • Piano Instructor Lite

    Piano Instructor Lite - One of the Most Comprehensive Android Piano Apps Everyone loves to play their favorite songs on the piano. Thankfully, there’s a free Android Piano app that teaches you how to play any song on the piano without a music sheet. Piano Instructor Lite has light-up keys to guide you, just load any .kar or .mid song file and play your favorite songs. The multi-touch light-up synthesizer keyboard is easy to play and provides a step by step guide to play and practice notes.

    The app has up to 128 instruments, including violin, flute and saxophone besides the Piano and Organ instruments. The interface is simple and the light-up keys provide an easy way to learn and play any song. You can also play music in the background and run your fingers over the keyboard to play along. The app also lets users view the notes of any MIDI file and displays lyrics of uploaded karaoke files. The scrollable lyrics let you sing along while playing the virtual synthesizer. You can also tweak tempo and position controls and practice specific sections.

    Piano Instructor Lite is a great app for beginners. The paid version has additional features that may suit advanced users. Overall, Piano Instructor is the only good app amongst other Android piano apps for your device.

    Download Piano Instructor