Lichee Pi Zero

What is the Lichee Pi Zero?

Lichee Pi Zero is a cute linux module that strip from my project.

Lichee Pi Zero is a micro, extensible, open source linux module/computer. It is only a little longer than SD card, and can be plugged to breadboard directly! Zero is well designed for the pin out, both for DIY(60pins 2.54mm out) and Production (able to SMT). It is able to connect to the LCD directly! No video cable needed, you can DIY mini „laptop“ easily~ There is a customized TF WiFi Card for Zero, plug or stack to enable wifi! Powerful LoRa Netgate and Amazing Micphone Array is coming soon!

I redesign the board, make it smaller and cheaper while keep it DIY-able & SMT-able.

Lichee Pi Zero have its own advantages even compare to Raspberry Pi Zero or Arduino:

  1. $6 without wifi, and $8 with wifi.It is much cheaper than arduino, and even cheaper than the newest Raspberry Pi Zero W.
  2. Zero is clocked at 1GHz(24M~1.2G,step by 24M), while the idle temperature is about 40℃(104℉), current consume less than 0.1A, much better than Rpi0 or other H3 based boards.
  3. Zero have a common FPC-40P RGB LCD connector, you can connect LCD directly!No video cable needed, you can DIY mini „laptop“ easily~
  4. Zero run the newest linux-4.10 kernel now~
  5. Zero is designed for both DIY and mass production! Plug&Play, Breadboard-compatible, and all pins stamp hole out!
  6. Lots of peripheral modules, and typical applications: Powerful LoRa Netgate and Amazing Micphone Array is coming soon!

There are plenty of pictures below,  read under wifi-connection is suggested ^_^

(the first version is soldered by my hand, not as beautiful as machine, but the official version will be manufactured by machine)

Catalog :

  • Lichee Pi Zero Hardware introduction (for  professional maker)
  • Zero’s peripheral
  • Zero’s system & application example
  • Support options & Developers plan

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