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Както ви описах в една от моите първи крачки по пътя на ИКТ, дори добре да знаете английски език, можете да имате трудности с тълкуването на даден термин. За това посетете енциклопедията на PC Magazin!

Ето и един пример: Какво е APL?

Отговор: Definition of: APL


(A Programming Language) A high-level mathematical programming language noted for its brevity and matrix generation capabilities. Developed by Kenneth Iverson in the mid-1960s, it runs on micros to mainframes and is often used to develop mathematical models. It is primarily an interpreted language, but compilers are available.

APL uses unique character symbols and, before today’s graphical interfaces, required special software or ROM chips to enable the computer to display and print them. APL is popular in Europe.