Осигурете си защитен периметър във виртуалния свят на Интернет!

Националният център за безопасен интернет  работи за повишаване на дигиталната грамотност на децата и младите хора. Насърчаваме позитивната, безопасна и отговорна употреба на Интернет и мобилните технологии от 2005 г.

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Центърът е член на европейската мрежа от 30 центъра за безопасен интернет Insafe, както и на Международната асоциация на интернет горещи линии INHOPE, която обединява 45 държави.

Инсталирайте си някои от основните програми за защита на вашите устройства


Ghostery is a browser plugin that disables tracking functionality of most any kind and it’s super simple to use. It’s even available on Android and iOS as a standalone browser.

If you want to be sure targeted ads, location data, personal info, and other details are inaccessible to the places you visit Ghostery is for you.

Tor browser

When it comes to anonymity on the web there’s no better tool than the Tor browser. This self-contained browser uses The Onion Router, a secure way to redirect web traffic to a number of sources before routing it to its final destination. The end result is completely anonymized traffic—think of it as the money laundering of the data packet world.

You don’t need to be a nefarious hacker, government dissident, or drug smuggler to make good use of Tor. Installing the browser is a good idea for anyone who requires complete anonymity from time to time.

You don’t need to be tethered to your desktop for this level of privacy either. Tor offers browsers for iOS and Android too.


While most tech professionals know better than to click on a banner ad, that wisdom isn’t universal to all computer users. It doesn’t matter which camp you’re in—installing an adblocker is a good idea if you want to maintain your privacy and anonymity.

Ad blockers like Adblock and Adblock Plus are both able to sift through the junk, but be warned: Many sites have developed tools to detect adblockers and block traffic unless the site is whitelisted. Ad blocking isn’t a catch-all solution for privacy but it is a way to minimize the clutter. You just have to use your judgement on who to block.

Privacy Badger

Препоръка на Малко Незнайков!:)

Privacy Badger is the Electronic Freedom Foundation’s take on a web privacy browser plugin. It’s actually based on Adblock Plus’s code, but is designed to go further by automating the whole blocking and filtering process.

SEE: Big data privacy is a bigger issue than you think (TechRepublic)

When you install Privacy Badger it starts building a log of all the domains that feed you content on a particular website. If it starts to see similar ones popping up, which indicates tracking, it blocks them automatically. The more you use it the cleaner your browsing experience will be, at least in a perfect world.